by Sell Crazy

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End Of All 02:48
Too much thinking kills romance I can't stop and leave to chance Our fate or these stubborn ways That turn love into malaise It's the end of it all And the boyfriend's got to fall It's the end of it all And the boyfriend's got to fall I can't coerce you back to bed Because the fears that fill my head Have left a turmoil in our lives And our expectations died And it don't feel right Say what you say And it don't feel right anyway It's the end of, end of, end of all
Take, take what you know And then run, 'cos they won't let you go Run, run don't be slow Your mind's gone, from too long on your own I had a girl, I had a girl Took me to court I had a girl, I had a girl Took me to court Love it burns And you can't hide, no You can't hide, oh no Systematic panic, systematic panic No, no you don't show The cracks appearing, splitting you from head to toe Fear, fear it will flow The panic fills you and it won't let you go Take, take what you know And then run, 'cos they won't let you go Run, run don't be slow Your mind's gone, from too long on your own
Shena 02:17
Shena, Shena where the fuck are ya? Blue eyed girl, take the money, take the songs Your mind's not strong, but your heart's all there Come back here, all fucked up, all is wrong The words don't fit, though the meanings lay bare Even if I see her, oh it'll never be right Shena Where is Shena? She's not there Another rainy day, what a country, what went wrong? Tangled up forever by a bitch that don't care Trapped by feeling, can't move back, can't move on Lost in the whining of a singing solitaire
One Less 02:54
Oh, there's fighting on the news inside Twisted up in knots and tears Feeling no sleep tonight Drunk at the cash machine says You wouldn't last ten seconds Not even ten whole seconds Fighting in a war like Vietnam And I've never held a gun before Never marched or conquered anything I guess he's right He turned to me and said I had to kill a man I killed a foreign man It tears you up inside would you believe And I would love life to be with you Oh but it can't be 'cos I've fucked it up And that's the truth And I would love life to be with you Oh but it can't be 'cos I've fucked it up And that's the truth, oh what's the use Try dealing with insomnia Colour fades to grey in everything I hate the light You never liked to fight You just ran away and hid You ran away from me And now I realise just what I've done I'm one less, one less, one less Thing you've got to care about
Leaving Town 03:00
Oh there's people saying things about the underground But why should I care 'cos I hate this town And the only thing that was keeping me here was you And now you're telling me that You could never love me and you're sorry for that Well that's not your fault, that's just life I guess What you're wishing for, if only it could come true And the girl that you want Is leaving town today And the one thing you need She'll never give She'll never give She'll never give away Flood of tears These years Well we're throwing them away, anyway And the landlord's coming round saying pay the rent How do you cope, when the money's been spent And you're telling yourself but you just can't face the truth
You've got so many bloody facets, that's great More confusing than mathematics, to date You smoother every little exchange, in words To understand I'd need a sex change, absurd Why must you always go? To those places that I don't want go And there will be a reckoning And you'll see You will know the suffering You've caused me I'm living through the Krypton Factor, can't wait 'Till I can cheat and see the answers, too late You've gone and changed all of the questions, I'm screwed The target that I tried to aim for, you moved
You say that lately everything is wrong And what's the point of thinking different, thinking different Something has been lost you can't explain The way it was or what you're feeling, what you're feeling Even though I know that you are still in pain It's not your fault, so no more crying, no more crying What a pair of fools you and I, to be this way Oh are we stupid, are we stupid The things that you said, oh You still could have anything How you've bled, oh You still could have anything That you want You want You want I think you're a little like me But you don't know where to begin You can't take it all to heart So don't give in, don't give in, don't give in The storm has come and washed away the shit And we are left and there's no more hiding, no more hiding What a pair of fools you and I To be this way, oh are we stupid, are we stupid
The Wiser 03:48
Foolish intent has finally conquered me Paying the price for indiscreet company Dreading the rush that comes with something so obscene exposed And so I tiptoe round your gaze As you get the wiser, I slip gently to my knees We've managed to turn our life to soap op parody The loveless triumvirate of you and her and me It's pulled all our worlds apart with shocking heartfelt ease Tell me I'm wrong that love has left our lives Nothing can change this awful compromise Living like rats, inside a sinking ship that no one dares To say, we brought upon ourselves And everyone hates it now you're gone If only I could put right the wrong Everyone hates it now you're gone I'm hoping a Quantum Leap will come
Automatons 03:33
Tension I know you feel it too As we walk tightropes here tonight Pressure unseen is boiling up There's no escaping its bite So you drive your head into the sand And try to ignore the spite So you drive your head into the sand But that does nothing to right The fear and loathing, wrapped in sheep's clothing A politics so ugly and forlorn The twisted world view, pushed by those few Emotionless and sick automatons Resist their charms and smiles that hide The true intentions we face Live for the day it all comes down And differences are embraced We must pull their heads from out their arse And make them see the light We must pull their heads from out their arse And chose our place to fight
You know you'll never get away It's coming for you You know you'll never get away You're tired and blue And you think you might go crazy Take my left hand Sleep peacefully Calling me up again at three It's all got too much Crying into your cup of tea You're working through lunch And I think you might amaze me And I think we might have made it Looking at me so serious Swept up by the race Blinking back tears until I put My arms round your waist And I tell you that I love you
So love has finally come to this A goodbye and an awkward kiss A parting of our separate way To live like strangers every day You gave a little then you took it back Pulling away until my conscience lapsed We could pretend, that we cared Enough to bend, if we weren't Shattered into pieces, by it all Shattered into pieces, by the fall It's not a question of desire But more a function of the fire That failed to burn for long enough To pull us onward through the rough


3 is the culmination of six years of work. Systematic Panic is the oldest song on the album and began its life in 2005 with the SongFight competition. Shattered Into Pieces, the youngest of the songs, was written in 2010. Along the way many songs have been written, re-worked, re-recorded and left by the wayside. They've been performed, cheered, misunderstood and sometimes even met with stony silence. 3 is a labour of love and at its heart it's about love. And relationships. But most of all it's about automatons. We hope you enjoy listening to it as much as we've enjoyed making it.


released April 25, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Sell Crazy.
Artwork by Adam Duncan.


all rights reserved



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