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Almost all the songs for this album were written in February 2010. It is an album rooted in winter but dreaming of the summer to come. The use of the letter W in the song titles just happened naturally and once it had begun it seemed right to continue it. Maybe it's that mystical winter connection. Maybe it's because we were too lazy to come up with better titles. Either way we hope you enjoy the songs.


released March 12, 2013

All songs written and recorded by Sell Crazy.
Artwork by Adam Duncan.


all rights reserved



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Track Name: What's The Point
My enemy lives right above me
The time has come to face what is ugly
And he's going to find me made of steel
Can't see or feel what he's thinking
But I can hear the moan and the creaking
There's no way left to make a deal
He's driving me to

Things that I would have never done
If only he'd had some fun
And helped me on my way
I don't know what he's doing here
Please give a little cheer
If you think he's to blame

My nemesis hates all the people
The young, the old, the wise and the grateful
That is the tune he loves to sing
Can't seem to face his conviction
That friends waste time and are an affliction
He'll never know the joy they bring
He's driving me to

And he's always lived around here
And why it's never been clear
I mean what's the point of hating everything

My antagonist shouts from his doorway
Hidden from site and poised to run away
Too scared to let his face be know
Can't prise his hand from the rudder
He will bitch until there's no other
Person left living under him
He's driving me to
Track Name: Woodshed
Follow me down to the woodshed
The hour's getting pretty late
I know there's something in the corner
That'll make your little body writhe and shake
Follow me down to the parlour
Confusion's in the air
Something's collapsing my defences
And I think it's just the smell of your hair

I can't, I can't, I know you want it
But my reason's saying no tonight

Follow me down to the corn field
The day is getting hot
I feel a tension come between us
And I hope this little treason will be forgot

It's not too late
It's not too late
To walk away again

I can't, I can't, I know you want it
But my reason's saying no tonight
I can't, I can't, I know you want it
But don't make me lose my head tonight
I can't, I can't, you know I want it
And my reason's failing me tonight
I can't, I can't, you know I want it
And nobody's leaving here tonight
Track Name: We Will Miss You (Hangover Square)
Another lonely morning, a hangover that strips
The life from every breath and you can feel her presence
On every street you walk, it draws you near
So take a little breakfast and drink to pass the time
Till you can call her up and face the disappointment
Of unconcealed contempt, that waits for you
And when you finally see her, your heart will do cartwheels
Just because she's near and then you'll start to beg her
"Oh Netta Netta please", just love me back

Hey George we'll miss you when you're gone
Hey George we'll miss you when you're gone
It's not acceptable to cry

Maidenhead will call you, in those dead moments
When you don't know yourself, a place where you can hide from
That money sucking bitch, you call your friend
You could try to leave here, but it wouldn't work
'Cos she'll be on your mind, every single moment
Every time you move, to something new
And when you finally see her, but you'll never see her
While she's on your mind
And when you finally see her, but you'll never see her
While she's on your mind
Track Name: Walk Away
My hands are tied and I cannot express the thoughts
That hit me every time I see you at my door
Convention dictates that I keep them to myself
When friends are friends then it's not right to say much else

And I don't know what I should do
To get the message through to you

You make me feel like
I would love, baby, I would love
To take your hand, baby, take your hand
And leave you to such happiness it's true
I'm asking you to
Just say yes, baby, just say yes
And I'll impress, baby, I'll impress
The world will open up for me and you

You're worth the risk but can my heart afford the cost
Of hurt feelings spreading where our friendship has been lost
But I keep convincing myself that there's still a chance
Of our connection growing into a sweet romance

What is he thinking of
His mind is confused enough
He cannot concentrate
Should he proceed or wait

And I just don't know what to do
Should I say anything to you
Track Name: When You Go
You said something I didn't understand
Then left me here is misery's arms
Pull me close 'cos I feel the edge approach
Too much time spent locked in the fun
I feel angry, I feel a discontent
All my thoughts chasing thoughts till the bite
One long sequence of broken images
Flashing through me in monochrome spite

And I'll miss you, won't you kiss me, as you go

Hit the drum so my heart keeps pumping
Thump the bass so my mind stops thinking

I said something you didn't understand
Then walked back into misery's arms
Pull me close 'cos I feel the edge again
Too much love is flying around

And I'll miss you, I won't kiss you, as you go
Track Name: Worth The Cost
You do it every time we meet
Convince me not to lose belief
How many men do you beguile
With silky lips and winning smiles

I think you're toying with me
And I like it you'll see

There is a message in your eyes
If I could read between those lines
But something tells me you enjoy
Stringing along a foolish boy

She will break your heart

Every time I see you walk away
I wonder in who's bed you'll stray
Tonight when you should be with me
You will show me paradise then leave
And I will be the one who bleeds
That is the way it has to be

The smoke and mirrors that you deal
Keep me from learning what is real
How long can I keep holding on?
Whilst waking up to find you gone

She will break your heart
But it is worth the cost
Track Name: The Waters
Sixteen years living in the same deadbeat town
And all you wanted was to have a little bit of fun
No one said you're going to have a party so you ran
And something strange was living by the waters need I go on

And nobody told you
You were the most beautiful
If only they'd told you
Would tragedy have happened at all

It was one long week before they found you resting in the lake
One hard week when all their darkest fears went unsaid
Your friends all cried whilst secretly regretting the hurt they caused
For a girl had died for the want of kindness and little joys

Don't you forget to let her know
Track Name: Wasting My Time
Wasting my time and everything hurts
She comes along and bang I am gone
Stuck in a world where only she features
It's not so good for my health

I want her, I need her
But it's not my fault
It's clear, I think, I fear

I'm in love, with her feel
Turns me on again, off again, everyone's
Telling me no, walk away
But wrapped up in her arms it is always so blissfully clear

Another day comes and I am left shaking
The cold filters in to every bone
When she appears all is forgiven
She takes me in and eases my way

I'm stuck dumb by her touch
When she's killing me ever so gently and
I just can't breath, look I know
That I'm checking out ever so slowly but I just don't care

That I'm gone, in her lies
And she whispers them softly and I must
Believe every word, of it all
'Cos I'm back in her arms once again and I'll never escape
While the horseman waits at the gate
Track Name: Watch Out
I come here with a simple warning
A tale to help you last the evening
You may not listen but don't blame me
If you find tonight becomes unsavoury
High jinks are what we have before us
If my friend doesn't pick you out to discuss
The strange agenda that he's whoring
In his eyes his tears shine like a warning

Watch out, watch out, he'll try to use pseudo science
Beware, beware, his lies breed hatred and violence

Under the stairs, he'll say such pretty things
But in the air, hangs menace tinged with drink
Outside it's clear, we've got to rescue you
Let's go back home

Some things are best to leave unspoken
And at first you may think that he's joking
And his conversations will soon turn you
To thoughts of escaping from this torture

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